silver pointed tweezer on top of carry pouch
silver pointed tweezer on top of carry pouch fingers pinching tweezers, shows pointed tips silver pointed tweezer tweezer tips with protective tip guard pointed tweezers on top of carry pouch
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Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Pointed Tweezers | Silver

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PRECISION INGROWN HAIR REMOVAL – Surgical Grade Stainless Steel tips ensure safe removal of irritating ingrown hairs. Tweezers 4.5” length provides comfortable grasp and best control.

DELICATELY REMOVE SPLINTERS – Sharp, hand-filed fine point tweezer tips designed to remove splinters, small glass pieces, thorns and other foreign particles under the skin with ease. Keep Zizzili tweezers in your first aid kit for unexpected emergencies.

EYEBROW SHAPING WITH PRECISION ALIGNED TIPS – Keep your eyebrows in perfect shape without worry of plucking too many hairs at once. Precision Tips in proper alignment for the smooth pulling power of individual hairs. Easily grab small, short and fine hairs at the root.

SAFE STORAGE WHEREVER YOU GO - Keep your precision tweezers away from dirt and germs in this Bonus Protective Pouch. Perfect size for purse, travel, or home medicine cabinet. Always protect sharp tips with included tip guard. Be sure to clean tips before use to prevent the spread of bacteria.