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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers

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SLEEK, MODERN DESIGN. Extra curved handle gives you better leverage to cut toenails with minimal pressure. Blade opens 3 mm for ease of cutting tough, thick nails. Heavy duty and solid cutters, yet easy to hold so you can trim nails comfortably.

LARGE SIZE FOR EASE OF CLIPPING. 3 inch long handle makes it the perfect size for men, women, elderly and those with weak hand strength. Blades are correctly aligned for a precise, sharp cutting edge. No splitting, ripping or tearing of nail which can lead to ingrown nails and fungal infections.

BUILT TO LAST. Tired of running to the drugstore to pick up yet another cheap clipper? Zizzili Toenail Clippers are crafted with durable, High Quality Stainless Steel. Easily disinfect with alcohol between uses.